Commentary: Environmental Justice Summit convened empowering visions of clean water, air, land

Posted on Sep 11, 2018 in East Village Magazine By Michael Mascarenhas On Sept. 8, the Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition hosted the 3rd Environmental Justice Statewide Summit at Flint’s New McCree Theatre. The event brought together close to 200 activists, environmental practitioners, citizens, and scholars  to talk about what it means for all living beings […]

5 Questions with Michael Mascarenhas

Published as part of the Framing the Global series by Indiana University Press ~ by Rosemary Pennington February 18, 2014 Poverty and humanitarian aid are at the center of this week’s Q&A with a Framing the Global Fellow, Michael Mascarenhas. His project for Framing the Global is Developing Research, Researching Development: Understanding Knowledge Production about the World’s Water […]

Interviews on Water Use Are Thirsty Work

From The New York Times “Scientist at Work – Notes from the Field”
We will be surveying three of the 17 sectors (Burega, Cyinzuzi and Ntarabana) in the District of Rulindo, in the Northern Province of Rwanda. The area of each sector is approximately four to eight square miles. The Ntarabana sector is further divided into three cells: Kiyanza, Kajevuba and Mahaza. My team will be conducting baseline assessments in the eight umudugudus (villages) that are located in Kiyanza.
As can be imagined,

Navigating Fieldwork, Rwanda-Style

From The New York Times “Scientist at Work – Notes from the Field” Published August 26, 2010 By Michael Mascarenhas Mwaramutse (good morning) from the muzungu (white person in Rwanda). Social science fieldwork is messy.  There is no other way to describe it.  Decisions have to be made — or, more appropriately, negotiated — throughout every step […]